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You are in New York. A man in a van becomes aggravated, he drives into a nearby glass storefront. The impact creates a fist-sized hole that begins to spurt blood. You run. As you are running, You hear the man yell louder and louder. You turn the corner—gunshots are fired. You keep running. First down an avenue, then you turn the corner and run towards downtown. You can still hear gunshots. The sky turns dark and smoke begins to fill the air. You hail a taxi. You and get in with another passenger. You embrace.

You have four-inch long hairs all over your back and sides. You are horrified.

You shattered your entire iPhone Xs screen. You are horrified.

You combed out 2-inch diameter flakes of skin off your head. You are impressed and satisfied by the results.

You are at home. In your own bathroom, You sit, and feel a strange prick on your leg. You stand up, and look down to see a pile of assorted objects. You sit back down. another prick. You have twice stabbed your inner thigh with a wooden skewer. the surrounding area is already yellowed and bruised, your skin peeling and rotting. You dial your mother’s number even though she is just one room over. You can hardly speak. all you can do is whisper is help you, help you. she laughs it off and says she in the middle of something. You continue to beg help you, help you... only then does she realize the urgency of the situation as your dad begins to shout in a panic. You hear footsteps approach.

You had a dream last night, but you can’t remember much about it. It had to do with tainted bread.

You have vitiligo.

You are playing a video game. Your dad calls you over to go swimming. He’s bought new towels. Light green, light yellow, light blue, blue and green striped towels. Your younger cousin is playing a card game that she’s just bought some expansion cards to.

You impaled your foot through your shoe.

You are at home, sleeping. there’s someone else in your bed. You are comforted by that. You hear a woman scream outside. Your bedfellow asks you “did you hear that?” You acknowledge it, but you are unfazed. You get up to use the restroom.

You have been crying in your dreams, something you can’t quite bring your to do while awake.

You are at home. At the dinner table, with your parents and your cousin. She looks different; grotesque and horrifying. As if she had gotten a monstrous plastic surgery job and a terrible makeover. Like a gargoyle or something.

You drop your phone. The screen does not crack; instead, the case begins to melt off the phone.

You are in London for the first time. You know because you see a red phone booth.

You are going to the gym. You have a rolling suitcase with you. Before you get to the door, there is a small set of stairs. At the top of these set of stairs is an elderly woman in a crop top and short shorts doing yoga. You ask if you can pass, but she says no. You grow agitated, but she does not move. Sometime later, You push your way through. Then you remember sitting at a table, discussing with friends, joking about how she is the gatekeeper of the gym.

You are playing a role playing video game. In the game, you are simulating the medieval era. You are walking along a bridge, and see a bear. You run, and the bear chases after you, but gives up after about fifteen seconds and chases someone else. You turn around, and the bear begins chasing you again. The bear continues to switch its attention between you and the other person. Eventually, you make your way into the bottom floor of a tower, certain that the bear will not follow. It does. The bear chases both of us up the tower. He mauls the other person. You run up to the only window at the top of the tower, throw a rope out the window and slide down, relieved to have escaped the bear. You turn around to see the limp body of the other person rests on the ground in front of you and the bear is sliding down the rope. You run down a long bridge and the bear chases. You are cornered, and you are mauled.

You start a new game, this time set in an English university. You are walking through courtyards, growing thickly with trees. You peer into a classroom as a class is dismissed. Old books fill the wall floor to ceiling. It’s beautiful.

You are at home. Your brother claims that one of his high school friends is a stalker. He’s devised a plan to capture her at your own house. Somehow, your parents have agreed to this. She is supposed to arrive around 12:30am. You attempt to sleep through it, but wake up at 9:30pm. Your brother asks you how to get into the attic. You don’t know.

You and your dad got into another argument. You are distraught, he never understands you.

You were challenged to transliterate the longest word in the English language into Spanish. Despite seeing several misspellings with your own eyes, your friends told you it was correct.

You are not me. You are bowling. There is something a bit off about the lane, and the game isn’t going well. You see a man in another lane packing up to leave, so you go over. Without speaking to him, you grab the nearest bowling ball and effortlessly toss it, netting a strike. You overhear a family. A father asks, “how do you like these lanes?” The younger sister replies, “they’re good!” And the older brother says, “yeah, they’re pretty good.”

You’re at your lovers’ house. They had gotten a new puppy a couple months ago. By the time you’ve met the puppy, he’s already fully grown. You’re in their bed. You call one of them. He answers. You say nothing, and shove the phone under the covers. Silence. 30 seconds pass. You don’t know what to say. He says, frustrated, “you haven’t even said anything!” You realize he is sitting at the table just outside the bedroom. You say nothing. You can’t say anything.

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